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What we sell

Hotgas has a range of products to suit your residential and commercial LPG needs. 


  • 45kg exchange cylinders for hot water heating and room heaters
  • 13.5kg exchange cylinders are used if you only have a stove or cooktop using LPG.

It is usual for your LPG installation to be set up to carry 2 cylinders, one in use and one awaiting replacement. Timely reordering will ensure you never run out of gas.

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  • 8.5kg  and 4kg recycled and retested cylinders for BBQ, caravan/camping are available for purchase.


  • 15kg and 18kg Forklift exchange cylinders
  • 45kg exchange cylinders for restaurants, accommodation units (B&B, cabins)
  • 45kg Liquid Withdrawal exchange cylinders (Blue tops) for decanting to customer cylinders
  • 8.5kg Cylinder refills (inc cylinder supply) for restaurant patio heaters

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