Hotgas Orders

No call centre, no account numbers to remember, no account set up fee - just call our office to speak with Melissa, Kelli, Tania or Shannon. They will be pleased to give you the current price of our products and explain all the extra bits – see the fine print - so you have the complete picture before you order.

Be sure to let us know about your dogs, access to your property or locked gates. 4WD delivery is available when needed.

Telephone –our local office on 54468777 and speak with one of our friendly staff to arrange delivery.

Online – Email us through the Contact Form and either Melissa, Kelli, Tania or Shannon will contact you to organise a delivery.

Email - with your order for the next time we are in your area.We request that you place your order two days prior to delivery.

Customers in rental properties must pay by Credit Card at time of order or COD at time of delivery.

"Exceptional Service"

Just wanted to say thanks for caring about us “little people” in this mad world. Thanks for being trusting, which in business is a dying trait.

Thanks again, Gayle and Geoff